A Love Poem For My Beshert

You are rough around the edges but with a heart of gold

You are difficult and complicated, and yet you make my soul sing in harmony

You are controversial but still make sense

You are full of contrasts and yet so beautiful

You are an old soul in a young body, with growing pains and a wise mind

You are vibrant, hot and cold and you’ve been singing for ages to bring me home

You stand tall and strong and never bend your back

Sometimes we stumble, hand in hand, but we always stand right back up

Sometimes we argue, but never go to bed angry

We have long and heated discussions, but always make up with a kiss

We agree and disagree, but smile when we do

I have nothing but respect for you, even through our ups and downs

I trust you

Our love is complicated but unconditional and our relationship is forever

I love you forever and always

You’re my Beloved, my Beshert

I love you Israel