Useful Idiots

If you ever wondered how many disgusting, despicable, brainless and useful idiots could fit into one picture, here’s your answer. 

These ignorant women are wearing a hijab like it’s a goddamn fashion statement, supporting women’s and gays rights while attacking the ONLY country in the Middle East that actually have these rights, and then, to top it off, spit on the memory of Anne Frank and all the millions of Jews murdered in the Holocaust by wearing that horrible t-shirt. 

What is wrong with people? Do they actually know what they are protesting against, or rallying for? If not, just STAY HOME and do something useful with your lives. I suggest knitting or watching some daytime soap operas.

2 thoughts on “Useful Idiots

  1. Erica van Beek

    Indeed, horrible. Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. That is clear to me. Uneducated, stupid children on a day out/ Free from school or cage? They probably do not know more that the fact that demonstrating whatever or however is free overthere.

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