What If?

What if…

All that hate, obsession and hate towards Jews and Israel were channeled into something good instead.

All those billions of foreign aid money were spent on infrastructure instead of missiles and terror tunnels.

They could stop looking upon themselves as the eternal victims and start taking some responsibility for their actions.

They could stop blaming anything and everything on Israel.

They could stop lying about their history. In fact, what if they just stopped lying about everything. Period.

They would have accepted one of the many peace plans (they didn’t deserve) they have been offered.

Their leaders would stop the incitement to kill us.

They would put down their weapons and stop trying to annihilate us.

They would just accept that we are here to stay, and their terror will do nothing but make us even stronger and more united.

They would stop celebrating successful terror attacks and naming streets after the murderers.

They would teach their children love instead of hate.

They would start cherishing life instead of death.

What if…

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