Useful Idiots


If Hitler and his Minister of Propaganda, Herr Goebbels, had been alive today, they would have been SO excited! So many USEFUL IDIOTS out there, too lazy to pick up a history book, too ignorant to see that they’re being spoon-fed with propaganda, too stupid to understand the negative impact they have on the world when repeating this propaganda, no questions asked. THEY are the SAME kind of people that after WW2 said: “Oh, but we didn’t know!”. Didn’t know my a**! The truth is out there – you are just too damn lazy to look for it – and even when it’s right in front of your faces, you are too blind to see it!

All I can say to you is this: karma is a bitch, and at the end of your lives, when you look back at this time in history, you will have to live with the shame knowing that you did NOTHING to stop anti-Semitism from rearing its ugly head again – in fact, you were an active part in spreading the hate. Shame on you all, SHAME on you!

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