Summer Time

Sitting on the beach and enjoying yet another beautiful and sunny day in Tel Aviv. Around me I see people of all ages and from different walks of life.

I hear people speaking Hebrew, English, French, Italian and Arabic (Yes BDS:ers! Arabic from two guys in the sun chairs in front of me. Apparently they missed the whole ”Israel is an apartheid state” you always yap about.).

To my right is the gay beach, that in a few weeks will be packed to the limit with gays from around the globe coming here to celebrate Pride Week.

Next to it is the doggie beach, where dogs can run around without a leash. And next to that is the orthodox beach, for Jews who prefer to take a dip in the ocean in not so skimpy bikinis.

And to my left is Yafo, where you can see Muslim women in burqas taking a swim in the ocean.

No one is bothering anyone. It’s live and let live.

It’s hard to imagine that not far from here, Christians are killed and crucified, Muslims of the “wrong” faith are beheaded, women are raped and sold as sex slaves, gays are thrown off house roofs, and people who dare criticize their leaders are murdered and their mutilated bodies then dragged by cars and paraded on the streets.

It’s hard to believe that close from this beautiful beach are terror organizations, that at this very moment, are busy re-arming and building new tunnels in their pursuit to kill all Jews and destroy this country.

And what is even harder to believe is how people around the globe can be so damn blind that they choose to boycott us, the ONLY spark of light in this chaotic region.

Shalom from Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. Wishing everyone a peaceful and wonderful summer!

Bring It On Bitches

Honestly, why are we so afraid of the Iranians? They’re still using CDs for crying out loud! I mean, how high-tech could their missiles possibly be? So 1999 💿

Israeli Food With A Twist

Can I please have ”the lightning is wrapped in salt” please? Sounds delicious.

Google Translate failed again, but at least they tried 😂